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We create unique, personalized podcasts for brands, services, and companies

We’re a team made up of podcasters, storytellers, and marketers. Our goal at BNV Media is to create an original podcast that embodies the characteristics and qualities of the brand it represents. With our background in original podcasts and audio production, we can deliver professional sounding podcasts to listeners.

We take special care to ensure every podcast we produce is unique and meaningful for the potential audience it will reach. Our team’s background in marketing allows us to use the necessary strategies and channels to make your podcast successful.

We will take you through the full process of creating a podcast that represents your brand or company. We also provide services to individuals who want to start their own podcast: whether it’s just for a hobby, or to build your personal brand, we will provide the necessary tools to create an engaging podcast. From first concepts to finished product.

We believe audiences engage the most with content that they choose to listen to, podcasting is a type of opt-in advertising which can lead to increased brand loyalty and a much stronger trusting relationship with the listener and the brand.

S T A T I S T I C S   O N

P O D C A S T I N G   I N   


More than 10 million Canadian adults (36% of the 18+ population) have listened to podcasts in the past year. More than 13 million adults (45%) have ever listened. (The Canadian Podcast Listener, 2017-2018)

More than half of all monthly podcast listeners (53%) say they have taken some kind of action after hearing an ad on a podcast. (The Canadian Podcast Listener)

Podcast listeners have higher income and higher education than country-wide average (The Canadian Podcast Listener)

19% of adults are Weekly Podcast Listeners and 28% are Monthly Podcast Listeners (The Podcast Consumer Canada)

81% of podcast listeners listen to all or most of an episode (PodcastHosting.org)