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Marc has been producing podcasts for the last year after leaving the marketing world to focus on something that was more rewarding to him. He found that when he began producing and co-hosting his original podcast ‘Brand New View’. He’s now turned his focus to creating original podcasts for brands and companies that are looking to strengthen the relationship with their audience, customers and clients. Marc’s passion lies with connecting people on a meaningful level and podcasting is now one of the best channels to do so!

J A M I E   F I T Z P A T R I C K

E X E C U T I V E  P R O D U C E R  |  S O U N D   D E S I G N E R

Jamie has been producing music for the last ten years and has always had a passion for creation. His experience in production, sound engineering, and sound design have helped with the growth and development of the company. Jamie has produced full tracks for many different platforms and with the help from his production team, has produced and worked with several artists - including one who is now signed to Shady Records. Jamie specializes in creating the theme music for BNV Originals.

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